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- Fawn & Heather

TPL/Carhartt Cap - Brown



TPL/Carhartt Cap - green

“Seriously y'all, this is the most comfortable hat I have ever worn and did I mention they are so cute!"

Victoria, North Carolina

“I love it and it fits great! This is the first hat I will actually wear and LOVE!"

Kesha, South Carolina

“Thank you, Plant Ladies! I love supporting your mission!"

Muir, pennsylvania

“Girls, my cap came today and I already LOVE it!"

dinah, North Carolina

“The Most appropriate hat while cutting flowers in the morning."

rachel, North Carolina

“Hats can be a weird fit on me, but this one is perfect! I don't want to take it off."

janelle, Pennsylvania

“Got my hat today and love it"

sarah, arizona