creating a beautiful landscape is a process
that requires thoughtful planning, research, execution and maintenance.
 It is my goal to help see your vision through & give you tools and resources to achieve your dream landscape.

Hey, I'm Fawn Renae! I grew up on a small farm in NC, where I learned the meaning of hard work through using my hands to live off of the land. My love for the outdoors stemmed from those long days planting crops, tilling, fertilizing, watering to finally harvesting them. I learned that it is a process that takes a lot of persistence and patience.

I remember riding the school bus in elementary and middle school and visualizing how I would change/add plants to the landscapes of my friend's homes to give more curb appeal. It seemed so natural to me. 

I pursued college and graduated with both my Horticulture and Turfgrass Degrees. From there, I began my career in the Sports Field Industry managing athletic fields and campus landscaping. I worked my way up the ladder to a management position, educating, instructing, and supervising a full-time crew. 
On my weekends, I expanded my knowledge and skills to the professional level fields, preparing fields like the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Knights fields for game days.

My entire life, I've been gaining skills and knowledge, learning different trades, perfecting my craft, and executing hard work in pursuit of fulfilling my purpose in this life. With ten years of landscape/sports field management under my belt, I am tapping back into my childhood vision of transforming landscapes through designs.

Our connection will lead to an excellent understanding of your uniqueness that should be reflective in your landscape. I'll be your guide every step of the way, breaking it down for you, giving you a clear vision with tools and resources to help make it less overwhelming and daunting!

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Pick my brain on all things landscape and design related.
We will walk your property and discuss your likes/dislikes about your current landscape, make suggestions regarding your layout and design elements and answer any questions that you might have (anything from plant care to the landscape design process). We can discuss any photos you may have of concepts you like or plants you love. 


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Whether you need a complete landscape design overhaul or a vision for your small garden area, I can help meet your goals and needs.
You will receive a Landscape Design Proposal that includes the scope of the design works & elements, the Plant Selection formulated to fit your specific growing region, and the budget breakdown based on plant nurseries in your area. 
You will receive a minimum of one Visual Layout Landscape Design Concept outlining our ideas combined with your requests and preferences in various layouts and includes one round of edits.



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To help put your design into action. 
(**For larger installs, we will work to partner and bid out to landscape contractors who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured).


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I know, I know, you're likely overwhelmed with the hundreds of different plants out there and have no idea where to start when it comes to tackling your landscape. You ask yourself, "Will this plant live in my location? Which type of grass do I need for my sunlight limits? Which shrub should go in front of my window and not block the view? etc etc etc."
Let me help you! I want to help take the burden off of your shoulders and give you the landscape of your dreams!


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"Fawn dreamed up the most creative vision for our boring landscape.
She turned our outdated backyard into our dream living space."

-Mary RaDcliff


The Country Farmhouse


This large newly built farmhouse was a blank canvas when I began my design. The homeowners wanted to give their new home character with curb appeal. They envisioned their children playing on the farm and enjoying the outdoor living spaces just as much as the interior. I chose plants that were lower growing around the porch so they could see out to their farmland, narrow forming trees that provided height to the house but didn't block the windows and natural stone pavers to lead up to the front entrance. My favorite feature is the perennials that will add color from spring-fall but will only require pruning once dormant in the winter. Easy maintenance and beautiful... definitely a WIN for these homeowners!

Natural Stone Pavers

narrow trees

Lush Flowering Plants


The Garden Ranch House


My clients dreamed of pops of color and curvature to add to their newly build Ranch Style House. They had focused the majority of their attention on the interior and knew the outside lacked the same interest. They dreamed of tall river birch trees, grasses that blew in the wind, a "wow factor" provided by a deep red Japanese Maple Tree and pops of color that they could switch out every season. My favorite feature is the rock boulders that compliment the rock facade.
These hands-on clients just needed a vision and wanted to execute the design themselves. I cannot wait to see my vision come to life. 

Ornamental Grasses



Boxwood Hedge


The Historic Boxwood House


Located in a historic district, the homeowners wanted to freshen up the existing landscape and give it a bit of a facelift with the landscaping. I wanted to draw your eye to the front entrance of the house by adding a boxwood hedge with overflowing hydrangeas that lead from the sidewalk to the porch. I transformed their dangerous hillside with ornamental grasses and juniper ground cover for erosion control and to eliminate the need for mowing. The homeowners dreamed of an outdoor living space to enjoy, I met their vision with a pergola living space to grill and an entertaining fireplace to kick back and catch fireflies in the summer. This transformation is one for the books!

Outdoor Living & Entertaining

Erosion Control

Overflowing Hydrangeas


the modern rock Garden House


I collaborated with a builder in the city to give their clients a low-maintenance landscape. Not everyone desires spending their free time mowing and maintaining a yard, so why not give a dessert feel with rocks and cactus-like shrubs? These yucca plants could have fooled the Carolinian as Western Agave. I selected plants that give the SOCO vibe but will survive the NC winters. The outdoor fire pit and entertaining space is a favorite of mine!

Dessert Plants 

California Vibe

Outdoor Fire Pit


the Sandstone house


My clients have spent the past year building their new farmhouse style house with sandstone accents. They needed a vision to help tie the knot on completing their dream home. I added wood elements with a clematis-filled trellis and an inviting bench seating area to relax after a long day's work. These hardworking clients desired low-maintenance shrubs with pops of colorful blooms to draw in butterflies. I added natural areas to hide the electrical panels. My favorite feature is the beautiful trees outside of their child's bedroom. I know he will be able to watch it bloom every season as he blooms into a young man. 

wooden elements

Low Maintenaince

Clematis Trellis


stylish Renovations


Don't write these designs off as "EXTRAS." Each space transforms to fit each client's wants/needs. They consist of projects that need minimal plant suggestions to add to an outdoor pot, tips to make the front door more inviting, guidance on where to place exterior landscape lighting to highlight signature plants and walkways, to a complete overhaul of the entire landscape. 
My goal is to listen to the client, dream with them the possibilities of their landscape, and give them a vision and actionable advice to create a space that they want to come home to every day.

From Concept to Execution

to install

Designed by fawn



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