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welcome to our plant obsessed, get-it-done group of go-getters

Fawn + Heather here. Yep, we're identical twins and our story is full of ups and downs that have brought us to this place. We geek out over all things plants, fashion, photography, home decor, design, but mostly large power equipment!

We've always felt like we didn't fit in; like we needed to choose either fashionable + cute OR hardworking + dirty, but never both.

Until now... because we're here to do both! We're on a mission to empower women to step into their true calling, even if it looks a little different.

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We're showing women what it looks like to play in the dirt AND embrace their girl power. Whether you're a plant expert or a plant lady in training, click to see how you can be part of this movement with us! 

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What do a couple of twins from a small farmtown in North Carolina love? This is everything from our favorite gardening tools to the business platforms that keep us productive.

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