Landscape Installations

We love getting our hands dirty and empowering women to learn new gardening skills. There's nothing better than spending a day sweating, working, laughing, digging, and planting. This is the heart of what we do -- INSPIRATION, EDUCATION & EMPOWERMENT
in action. We'll leave your home completely transformed, giving you an outdoor oasis.

The Process


We install exclusively for Fawn Renae Designs. Empowering women in the green industry brings life to our souls. Fawn has the education and experience to create a beautiful and functional retreat for your exterior space. 

The Landscape Design


Once you have your digital rendering from Fawn Renae Designs, you can hire us to take the digital blueprint and turn it into a reality in your exterior space.

The Installation


Our customized plant care guide is created specifically for you and the plants in your landscape. You’ll never be left wondering how much water they need, when to prune them, or how much fertilizer to use. All your questions... covered!

Giving You Confidence

Here's what you're going to get...

What's Included

the highest quality horticulture practices

Customized plant care guide

Locally-sourced plant materials

full Crew of professional ladies

On-Site Landscape Designer (Fawn Renae)

Fawn Renae on Site

Once the transformation is complete, you have brand new living, breathing plants on your property. We want you to feel confident to care for your new landscape so we created our custom plant care guide just for you!

After the installation

Custom Plant Care Guide

Your roadmap to healthy plants

Everything you need to know about caring for your newly installed plants in a gorgeous binder, created just for you. Every single plant installed on your property is listed along with all the details of how to care for it; everything from water, to pruning, to how fast it grows, the scientific name, and more. The plant care guide also includes the images of your design from Fawn Renae Designs and the numbered plant list so you can identify each one.

On installation day, we’ll also walk you through the completed process so that you can see what we’ve accomplished. You’ll get the specifics on how to tend to each plant. We want you to feel comfortable in your landscape and caring for it moving forward. And there's no such thing as a dumb question!

During the plant installation, we inspect and approve all plant material to make sure they're healthy and viable. Newly installed landscape plants will often suffer transplant shock so they may need a little extra love in the first few weeks. While we're there, we'll walk the property with you and answer all your questions. The plant care guide is yours to keep and that will answer all your questions! 

A few weeks after installation, we'll come out to see how the plants are adjusting to their new environment. If you'd like more support after that, we're happy to refer you to a female-owned landscape business to take care of your landscape needs throughout the year.


Thriving Plants After Installation

Your customized plant selection

Landscaping Crew

Not your average

...We do landscaping differently.
We do it RIGHT!

Lead by the industry's top professionals

When we install, our crew stands out from other landscape companies and that’s just the way we like it!

Our entire team is comprised of ladies. You’ll see us out there driving tractors, digging holes, positioning the plants exactly where we want them, spreading mulch, and everything else that the job requires. Want to join us? We love when the homeowners roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty alongside us. We believe that when you get your hands dirty, you’ll feel a sense of pride in what’s being accomplished. You’ll also learn the basics of landscape installation from our educated professionals and your confidence level in caring for your newly installed plants will soar.


Studied horticulture + entomology in college. Her biggest strength is educating and thinking through each step. She's known for bringing the knowledge and educating us all on install days. 


Studied horticulture + turfgrass management in college. Her biggest strength is knowing what needs to be done next and thinking one step ahead. She's known for bringing the laughs and energy on install days.


Studied horticulture + turfgrass management in college. Her biggest strength is making sure the real thing matches her design; she's also our team motivator. She's known for bringing the  plan on install days.

We're made up of women with different backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets who all hop in and run equipment, install plants, spread mulch, and laugh together. You can guarantee we’ll have some girl power jams blasting on the speakers and share a lot of laughs while we work our butts off. We believe women are powerful and creative and that’s exactly who you want to install your landscape. Your exterior space is a work of art and deserves the very best experience.


We're on a mission to

women to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty

check out our recent installation projects

We're located near Charlotte, North Carolina but we believe this movement has no limits. Want us to come install at your home or business? Let's make it happen.

What locations do you currently serve?

We're only doing installations for digital blueprints from Fawn Renae Designs. If you're just looking for seasonal maintenance for your landscape, we can refer you to a female-owned landscape company. 

Do you offer seasonal maintenance or weeding?

Our professional crew has the education and experience in horticulture and turfgrass. We also welcome volunteers to come learn with us. 

Who will be on the landscaping crew?

Yep! Want us at your house? Start with Fawn Renae Designs and then we'll take it from a digital blueprint to a real-life transformation.

do you only install for Fawn Renae Designs?

Everything we install comes through Fawn Renae Designs. She can tackle any project, large or small. If you need a specific area of your yard reimagined, she can do that. Need a complete overhaul of the whole thing? She can do that.

Do you only do full installations or can you do smaller projects?

We're here for you! We'll inspect everything while we're there and have a walk-through to answer all of your questions. A few weeks after installation, we'll check to make sure everything is adjusting correctly. Our custom plant care guide is yours to keep and you'll find the answers to many common questions there. 

I’m very anxious about keeping my plants alive after they’ve been installed. Will you help me? 

we have answers

have questions?

to this

from this

Your home can be next! Start the design process with Fawn Renae Designs so we can take it from a digital blueprint to a real-life outdoor oasis.

Transforming exteriors + landscapes into outdoor retreats!

Exterior design allows you to confidently make decisions: whether you want to rip out the outdated shrubs to bring more personality or you have big projects like changing the paint color or extending your porch. Each design is customized to be stunning and functional

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