Bring your mess, your fears, and your laughter.
This community is built on our shared interest in plants and created to experience growth together.

through the love of plants 

Plants have this incredible way of making us come alive in a way that nothing else does. These living, breathing creations are a work of art and represent our Creator. Whether you love the ornamental shrubs outside in your landscape or you're passionate about houseplants and have 30 of them in your living room, we want you. We want to learn from your journey, your experiences, your passions, and welcome you into this community of plant ladies.

Let's Grow Together!

This isn't a place where you come when your life is juuust right or you've finally gotten it all together...

 We're inspiring women to be themselves and exactly who they were created to be. Don't shy away from a career or hobby just because it breaks stereotypes; actually, run toward it that much faster. Together, we can change the landscape of what's considered normal.

Whether in-person or virtually, we're building a community that shares the passion to break stereotypes and walk into the true calling placed on their lives. 

Women from all different walks of life coming together for a movement. It's because of you that we have momentum to push forward. Community is what we're built on. 

God knew this was more than just the two of us. He knew we would need a tribe.

What this community means to us...

We're on a mission to

Inspire, Educate + Empower

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We're here to empower you to learn new gardening and landscaping skills. There's nothing better than spending a day sweating, working, laughing, digging, and planting. We give women the opportunity to join our team to learn new skills, operate equipment, and strengthen their plant knowledge. We're here to provide a safe space for all women -- whether you want to learn some new skills that you can take to your own yard or you're interested in joining the green industry as a career. Come volunteer with us and see just how much fun you can have getting your hands dirty!

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Our blog is a jam-packed with anything and everything you could ever want to know about plants, our gardening tools, our journey... and all the things we love!  The best part? It's always growing! From how to read a plant label to our monthly featured plant, we've got you covered.

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We're here to inspire you to         nature,
bring you education that        your black thumb, and             you to tackle your own projects with               .






get your hands dirty

Landscape Installations

Let's do this

We're professionals but you better believe we'll be having fun. It'll be even more fun if you join us. 

We get it, life is busy. You've got responsibilities and things to do. All the more reason to ditch the regular for a day and come hang with us. Get your hands dirty, get your body moving, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with the best friends you didn't know you had.

Yep, we'll work hard but we'll teach you everything you need to know. We don't expect you to have a certain level of knowledge before you join us. We just want someone who's ready to learn and excited to play with plants.

We want other women to have the opportunity to jump on a piece of equipment and play in the dirt in a judgment-free space no matter what level you're starting at.

Breaking Stereotypes

Join us on an upcoming installation crew. we promise a fun time, lots of laughs, and tons of knowledge with the best in our industry. 

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We've always talked on the phone every single day. One day in October 2019, everything changed. We had a profound realization from God: what if the past ten years were meant for us to perfect our own craft and learn different skills so we could bring our worlds together? This is it. It's exactly why our paths have brought us to this place. We sat in tears. We knew this was from Above. That evening, we created Those Plant Ladies. 

We’re uniting ROUGH + DIRTY with SOFT + CURATED and creating a change that redefines normal.
We're showing women what it looks like to play in the dirt AND embrace their girl power!

What do a couple of twins from a small farmtown in North Carolina love? This is everything from our favorite gardening tools to the business platforms that keep us productive.

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